'BEAVER' Biography
Find out all about the band & history ...

'BEAVER'! (Castor fiber) are the definitive high energy, raw sounding band from the North West of England. Four piece plus harmonica, were formed back in around 1995 by frontman 'Marc' - AKA 'Bo', and guitarist 'Keith',.

Bo, with main influences being classic R&B, wanted a band that could cover his passion for blues, giving him the opportunity to let rip on the harmonica, but also cover some of the more contemporary rock, avoiding the more 'over-played' classics. Keith added the blinding lead style and image that Bo was looking for.

The search for the rhythm section looked tricky, until the slick bass playing of 'Andy' came along, who also dragged along with him solid drummer 'Dave'.

At the first gig, 'Rich', who had played for a number of years with Andy & Dave, watched and wanted to join there and then!! No problem!!! Rich joined as rhythm & lead guitarist, sharing the lead with Keith, their styles complimenting each other.

In 2003, the line up of the band changed, as we saw Rich sadly leave for personal reasons. The search was on for a replacement, which we found in the Chameleon of rock .. 'Colin'. He brought a new side to the band with his unique keyboard style, and the warm sound of his electro acoustic guitar.

'BEAVER's first years saw them breaking into their local circuit where things have gone from strength to strength, and today the band have expanded to many top North West venues as regular events. Despite this, the band keep their feet on the ground, and still enjoy playin smaller venues, and taking private bookings.

In addition to this, 'BEAVER' have also been supporting the bands performing in the 'Sounds of the 60's' events in the North West. These events aim to bring the legends of the 60's back to the Northwich Memorial Hall (formally known as the 'Morgue'), a popular 60's venue. So far 'BEAVER' have been secured as a regular support. And have appeared with the likes of Gerry & the Pacemakers, The Swinging Blue Jeans, The Manfreds. Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band. The Tremeloes, The Fortunes ....

Over the years there has been steady improvements to the backline equipment and in the P.A. too, more recently seeing us move up to a 2.5kW rig expandable up to 5kw, which takes the sound of the band to new heights ... a sound that is well balanced and envied by many!! Investment has also been made into stage effects and lighting, which create a great mood at any gig.

'BEAVER' recorded their first CD .. 'Uncovered' at Frog Studios back in 2000, and although designed as only a demo, copies sold out at gigs. You can download the demo tracks from our downloads section for free!!

Since 2005, (a 10 year anniversary - we think!), we have been investing heavily into the stage sound and lighting rigs, so that we can continue to improove each time you come to see us perform. Its taken nearly 3 years, but near the end of 2008, we believe we have a great setup, with an expandable PA from 2.5kW to +5kW - capable of playing any venue (perhaps not the NEC though!). Not only this, but the lighting show and effects have all been changed - so that no matter where you see us - small local pub or larger concert hall, you can't help but get into the nights entertainment!

'BEAVER' have over the years gained the respect of many bands as one of the best in the area, packing local venues to capacity. This is probably beacause of the bands easy approach and great performances, but also the ever increasing repertoire of songs, that span many genres of music. and yet have kept true to Bo's wish that we play more of the songs that other bands don't .. and alot less of the songs that other bands do!!


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