'BEAVER' Band Members
The crew that make up & have been part of the band ...

'Bo' :
Original blues front man, he's got a top voice, blindin' on the harmonica.
If you want to know if he's having a good night - just watch him move !!

(Tombo - Lee Oscars Harmonica's, Shure SM58 Microphone, Fender Amp Systems)
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Contact Keith... 'Keith' :
Lethal guitar leads, and a chilled out rhythm. Always up for a laugh, but - what do you expect - he's basically a nutter - But I think you can tell that !!

(Les Paul Gold Top Guitar, Fender Strat. plus various others & Peavey Amp Systems)

Usually hidden at the back of the stage, if not seen, definitely heard !!
Rock steady beat, all the clever bits too !! Baby of the band quote: "Err ... lads, was I born when this was a hit ??"

(Pearl Drums, Gibraltar Hardware, Sabian & Zildjian Cymbols, Vic Firth & Shawtix Sticks, Behringer Mixers)
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Mr. Harmony himself, slick bass leads and a pumping backline rhythm you'll feel !!Give this guy a big enough stage and, and he'll try to fill it .. just check out the boots !!

(Fender Jazz Bass & Peavey Systems)

The Chameleon of Rock, over 50 years in show business!! He's an experience that you can not miss!!

KORG Systems
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BEAVER PA Equipment... 'BEAVER' PA Equipment
A fully self contained 2.5kW rig - expandable to +5kW, comprising of a 16 channel 'Behringer' desk, and a smaller 'Behringer' 6 channel drum sub mix. We also use a number of filter and compressor racks. The system is powered multiple amps including 2x 'McGregor' 1200W Amplifiers, and finally we use 'OHM' 2x12" medium to high range speakers, and 'OHM' 2x 18" sub's. Stage fold back sytems include a 'StudioMaster' powered desk, and H&H and other various amplifiers for specific stage mixes along with numerous monitor wedges.

'BEAVER' Lighting Equipment
Lighting makes a normal venue into a music venue, with our exciting lighting rig, you can definitely mistake yourself for being at a big gig. The stage effects are created with the use of 16x American DJ PAR64 LED Cans for slow colour changing stage floods, 2x iSolution IColor 4 to light the performers, 2x Acme Magic Gobo for static light effect, 4x American DJ X-Move LED Moving Heads that create a dynamic light show, plus various lighting controllers and Acme HP 2S 700W HAZER to create the atmosphere for lighting effects.
BEAVER Lighting Equipment...

Rich... 'Rich'
Was was one of the original members & was with the band for over five years, but unfortunatley decided to leave Jan 2003 because of lack of time due to other commitments. He has Stevie Ray leads, and a choppin' rhythm.
Never remembers his slide bar, but doesn't forget his BIG smile !! You'll alawys be welcome to jam at a gig mate.

(Fender Strat Guitar & Fender Systems)


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